Bearded dragons

Bearded dragons for sale. The sun-loving bearded dragon is a reptile that’s easy to care for and doesn’t require a lot of space. This adorable creature is also known as the “bearded dragon,” because it has a beard under its chin that puffs up depending on its mood! It isn’t actually a lizard or a dragon, but rather belongs to its own family of cold-blooded lizards called Agamidae (meaning “monstrous lizards”). Bearded dragons are native to Australia and New Guinea, where they live in deserts, woodlands and rocky areas. In captivity they can live up to 12 years (sometimes even longer). dried mushroom for sale

The bearded dragon is a large, omnivorous and diurnal lizard that lives in arid regions. The species can be easily distinguished by the two or three spiny scales below its chin, which are called “beard”. It also has an additional crest running along its spine, which gives it an armored appearance. The front legs of these lizards are sometimes longer than the hind legs, giving them a snake-like appearance. Bearded dragons for sale

The Bearded Dragon is a desert-dwelling lizard native to Australia, ranging from sea level to about 3,200 feet. It is one of several species commonly referred to as simply ‘dragon,’ and gets its name because of the spines that sprout on its chin, throat and neck when it becomes agitated. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns,  Bearded dragons for sale. jeeter juice carts

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